Just three full days left of my residency now, but right now I've hit a big milestone.  I've gone through and revised my entire novel for the ??th time.   Five years into rewriting this manuscript, here I am with a product that is so much closer to my original vision than I've had before.  It's becoming cleaner, clearer.  I took to heart the comments from my writing group this winter and spring, and from a dedicated reader.  So thank you Jen Cross, Jen, Melodie, and Alex!  Thank you Caroline Leavitt!! I've made some big changes, lots of small ones, fleshed out the characters, added new scenes.   Shaped and reshaped.  7,000 new words since I got here, and re-read the whole thing carefully, a chapter at a time, from beginning to end.  I have another reader looking at an earlier draft now, and I look forward to continuing to work at this, but I feel I've come to a summit here.  From my vantage point up in this tower in the Hudson River Valley, this sacred space I've created for myself with a purple candle, drawing the magic in.  I'm not done yet, the journey continues, but I'm pleased.   Check out my novel's website!  www.ellaverse.wordpress.com


01/20/2014 11:01

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